TwelveFold Launches NFTs on Bitcoin: Collect 300 Limited Edition Generative Pieces!

• Yuga Labs is launching a new venture, TwelveFold, to create Bitcoin-based NFTs.
• The NFTs (ordinals) are generative pieces inscribed on satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain and limited to 300 pieces.
• TwelveFold adds a major layer of legitimacy to the already popular corner of the NFT community.

What Are ‘Twelvefold’ NFTs?

Yuga Labs is launching a new venture, called TwelveFold, to build creative content on Bitcoin. This project will involve creating 300 limited edition generative pieces, inscribed on satoshis in the Bitcoin blockchain – which are known as ‘ordinals.’ Ordinals are similar to smart contract-based ERC-token NFTs but without the smart contracts; instead they’re just satoshis tied to specific content. These ordinals have been met with much inquisitiveness and enthusiasm from crypto degens who are interested in exploring this unique corner of the NFT space.

What Is An Ordinal?

Ordinals are essentially the equivalent of smart contract based ERC-token NFTs without the smart contracts – making them harder to maneuver around than traditional NFTs. Although they don’t have any other utility or interact with existing Ethereum projects, their connection with the most iconic cryptocurrency has piqued interest from many across the industry.

Introducing ‘Twelvefold’

With its entry into this space, Yuga Labs looks set to capitalize on interest for ordinals by introducing its own collection: TwelveFold. This 300 piece limited edition project will be powered by satoshis and represent a complete art project that is sure to attract even more attention from collectors looking for something different from what’s currently available in traditional Ethereum projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Why Is ‘Twelvefold’ Significant?

The launch of TwelveFold adds great significance and legitimacy to an already thriving corner of the digital art market – one that was driven largely by curiosity and experimentation prior to this development. With its extensive experience in mainstream Ethereum projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club under its belt, it’s safe to say that Yuga Labs knows how best utilize this technology – so watch out for plenty more innovation coming soon!


Overall, TwelveFold looks set make waves by providing an alternative form of creative expression through Bitcoin’s immutable blockchain network – one that allows users access both financial freedom as well as creativity within their own hands!